TV Dinners

TV DINNERS combines America’s great nostalgia for Classic TV kid stars with its love of food by sharing recollections and favorite dishes from 40 of the child stars of the 50s, 60s, and 70s. As American as apple pie, it captures all the fun and warmth of the era while giving insight into what it was like to be a working kid during TV’s Golden Age when just three channels ruled the airwaves. From the Mouseketeers to the Brady Bunch, the stories they tell here are funny, charming, poignant, and often revealing.
We didn’t just watch these kids grow up; we grew up with them.
And they knew all the best places to hang out! Whether drive-ins and ice cream joints or passed down through the family, their recipes from yesterday and today include a heaping helping of personal memories, detailed biographies, and rare photos.

Munster Memories

Join Butch Patrick and some of the biggest Munsters fans as they reminisce about their love of this television classic! Take a look at the comics and collectibles and enjoy rare and never-before-seen art, photos, and personal stories from the fans, collectors, and the actors themselves.
The Munsters was a sitcom that debuted in 1964 alongside such shows as Bewitched, Gilligan’s Island, and The Addams Family. It was a very different but fun family show and quite a departure from the nuclear family in Leave it to Beaver, which aired from1957 to 1963. This family included benign monsters with a Frankenstein father, a vampire mother, and Grandfather, and a werewolf son, Eddie. The series ran from 1964 to 1966 and is a TV classics fan favorite to this day. They may have been Munsters, but they had issues just like the rest of us.

Donna Reed

The Donna Reed Show: A Pictorial Memoir is designed like a personal scrapbook of fond memories of the family many of us wish we had. The book is narrated by Paul Petersen, who played Jeff Stone with behind the scenes and rarely seen photographs. The book is nostalgic yet takes its place among books of television history, highlighting the important impact Donna Reed and this show had on the media’s changing tide. The show ran from 1958 to 1966.

What people are saying
Exceptional “scrapbook” of a beloved TV sitcom. Who wasn’t in love with Shelley Fabares as Mary Stone? Delightful book by her TV bro, Paul Peterson.

If you enjoy The Donna Reed Show, this book is an absolute must.