TV Dinners Holiday Gift Bundle


All your favorite kid stars share recipes in this TV Classics illustrated cookbook. This bundle comes with an original tote, measuring spoons, Lassie masks, and a lot of love. A perfect gift for the Golden Era TV Fan in your family.


This holiday gift bundle will knock your socks off. If you or any of your favorite baby boomers love TV Classics and the kids who grew up with us, this bundle has everything.

We start with the book: TV Dinners: 40 Classic TV Kid Stars Dish Up Favorite Recipes with a Side of Memories by Laurie Jacobson

Then we place it in a one-of-a-kind reusable tote. We commissioned the artwork by our favorite animator: Shottsy

Then we add two Lassie masks to protect you from the pandemic while reminding you that Lassie always saves the day.


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