Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space




Irwin Allen’s Lost in Space: The Original Novel Based on Television’s Classic Sci-Fi Series-PB

Adrift among the clouds of stars that fill the Universe. Trapped on an alien planet in a city billions of years old. Shocked by the incredible powers of a planet-sized “mind.” Kidnapped by a civilization of masterless robots. Here are the famous Robinson family and the rest of the crew from the Jupiter 2- Don West, Dr. Zachery Smith and the colorful Robot B9 in a now classic adventure first published in 1967 and out-of-print for more than fifty years.

This is a licensed reprint from the estate of Irwin Allen reintroduced during a complete resurgence of interest in all things Lost in Space. It is the first in a series of reprint titles appealing to retro sci fans and new fans of these iconic characters. The novel stands alone as a Lost in Space adventure beyond the confines of the television show.

This book is only available through us. There are only a few of these available. When they are gone they are gone.


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